IVECO DAILY - PROFFESIONAL DNA  >>> new Eco Daily now:-)


The strength of a light commercial vehicle combined with the agility and comfort of a car:

3 classes (L, S and C) according to the gross vehicle weight
8 models and 8 wheelbases
5 power outputs and 2 gearboxes
2,500 versions

Daily Van: Sturdy and comfortable

Fame has be conquered in almost 30 years of bright career firmly setting the Daily, today, in the hit parade of the light haulage sector. Its main features are versatility, strength and reliability, all of which meeting up to our customers expectations and needs. 

Daily Cab: The payload champion
The Daily Chassis-cab has the most extensive range in its segment: it is available with single or twinned wheels, a choice of six wheelbases and various body lengths. There is a vast choice of engines, axles and suspension systems. The Daily Chassis-cab really is a “tailor-made” product that adapts to every need.

Daily Combi: Practicality and planty of space
With its roomy, light-filled, elegant interior, the Daily Combi underlines the concept of hospitality on board. It provides the best answer to the need to transport passengers and goods; it is perfect for taxi services, company shuttles and sports associations, for example.

Daily AGile: The enjoyment of driving
It heightens the attention and reduces the fatigue of the person at the wheel: the six-speed automated gearbox of the Daily AGile, offers a choice between automatic and manual mode. Available in Chassis-cab and Van versions, it is a versatile vehicle, ideal for door-to-door deliveries and numerous other applications, such as ambulances, leisure time and municipal authorities.

Daily Camper: On holiday with Daily
The Iveco solution to satisfy touring is an even lighter Daily. Always guaranteeing a high degree of sturdiness and the total vehicle weight has been reduced focusing on certain components, such as frame, front /rear suspensions, exhaust and bridge.

The recuperated lightness can be exploited to increase seating validation and accessories. The Iveco Daily camper can be fitted out with powerful engines up to 176 HP (2.3 litre HPT 136 HP and 3.0 litre HPT 176 HP). Total body mass weighing up to 6.500 kg. Once again, Iveco technology wants to fulfil the various vehicle applications, targeting higher comforts and offering new benefits to its network and final customers.

Daily CNG: An environment-friendly solution
The Daily CNG is Iveco’s response to the need to reduce the environmental impact of exhaust gases. It is powered by a methane driven engine derived from diesel technology, which guarantees outstanding reliability, excellent safety and low running costs. It is very quiet and is available in Van and Chassis-cab versions; it has a range of about 300 kilometres and is extremely comfortable to travel in and to drive. 

Daily 4x4
Following the extremely successful launch of the new Daily in May 2006 the new Daily 4x4 makes its official debut. Indeed it is not only the new Daily launch, it is the reception of the customers of the new Daily that has made such an impact – over 105000 customer orders in the first year. New Daily 4x4 follows the important values established by the new Daily base vehicle – Professional DNA. New Daily 4x4 is born of the collaboration between professionals; the professional users of working vehicles and the professional vehicle manufacturer able to realise the reality of this exceedingly
successful vehicle. New Daily 4x4 comes in two vehicle mass categories; 3.5 t and 5.5 t and two wheelbases, 3050 mm short wheelbase and 3400 mm long wheelbase versions. Badged as 35S18W and 55S18W new Daily is available with either of the two wheelbases with the short cab or the long wheelbase only for the crew cab version. 3.5 t versions have plated axle loads of 2250 kg front and 2800 kg rear while 5.5 t versions have 2450 kg front and 3700 kg at the rear. New Daily builds on the success of the previous Daily 4x4 with added features designed to ever improve the man – machine relationship